Recommended betting platforms:

      • BET-IBC – The leading betting agent for Asian bookmakers. BET-IBC welcomes winners both high rollers and newbies. In their VIP-IBC betting software, you can wager on multiple available bookies simultaneously. A unique service which allow you to place bets with the highest odds and best limits of the market.


      • BetInAsia – Your destination for Asian brokerage and betting services.


      • SportMarket – Professional bet broker with no limits. Multiple bookies and guaranteed best odds at anytime !



      • BET-IBC profile – Our public tipster profile on the website at one of the leaders in bet-brokerage !


Betting resources:

      • Allister – Sport Betting Directory. This site is listed under “Paid Predictions”



      • Staking betting methods – One of the best articles about staking methods from Pinnacle, the leading professional bookmaker



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